City tours

Take the time to stroll around the streets of Le Mans. The city hasn't run out of surprises yet.

The city of the Plantagenets

Start your walk at the foot of the majestic Saint-Julien Cathedral and down the Grande Rue of the medieval Plantagenet City. Walking through this thoroughfare that crosses the old town, take time to admire these medieval houses whose façades tell the story of the city. Then, venture into the narrow streets, up the steps, and enjoy the Gallo-Roman walls and buildings of the bishopric: it's a movie set for you to explore.

Discover Le Mans and its famous Plantagenet City

Le Mans - shopping

At the foot of the city, the Saint-Nicolas neighbourhood has retained the charm of the suburbs, bringing together a multitude of businesses that fiercely defend their own special personality. Like the Reines des Prés, the realm of tea-lovers, and decked out with improbable but still useful utensils.

After crossing the unmissable streets of Courthardy and Minimes, a stop off at the Lutilu fashion store is a must. Here, the clothes adapt to your personality.

During your walk, take a look inside the art galleries and craft shops (clothing, jewellery, tapestries, musical instruments...). Meet the artisans who have come to this quarter to share with you their superior craftsmanship. Mariée et Coquetterie, the shop of Hélène Lajoinie at the bottom of Grande Rue, is one of the most singular. The fashion designer creates wedding dresses, outfits and accessories that perfectly match the female personality. Her accomplice, Nelly Bichet, whose workshop is a barge, completes the outfit with her incredible modern-coloured hats.

Night falls ... Return to the Plantagenet City, where the cathedral, the walls, the conservatory and many other wonders come alive and light up. You are drawn into a fantasy world ruled by angel musicians, troubadours, animals from mythology ... It's a time to lose yourself in wonder, a daydream!