Climbers' world

Although Sarthe isn't very mountainous, it has several geological formations and natural sites where outdoor climbing is possible. The organisation of this sport has, over the decades, been down to the collaborative work of the French Alpine Club and the French Mountain Climbing Federation .

Climbing in Sillé-le-Guillaume

Rochebrune and Le Saut du Cerf are two places where climbing is enjoyed to the full! Located in Sillé-le-Guillaume, 50 km northwest of Le Mans, this Natural Climbing Site (SNE), particularly suitable for beginners (with a children's route) is divided into 2 sectors

The Rochebrune site offers a south face consisting of 25 routes 40 metres long and 13 metres high, and a north face offering routes up to 30 metres high (giving 100 metres long).

The Natural Climbing Site of Le Saut du Cerf, on the other hand, offers about fifteen routes 70 metres long and 20 metres high max.

The Natural Climbing Site of Le Saut du Cerf

The other Natural Climbing Sites in Sarthe

Apart from Sillé-le-Guillaume, rock climbing enthusiasts can also enjoy discovering the sites of the Mancelles Alps in Saint-Léonard-des-Bois or the routes on offer in Brûlon.

Where to go climbing in Sarthe

Concentrated in the north and west of our department, these climbing sites, around a dozen of them, are highly regarded by the CDESI (Departmental Commission for Spaces, Sites and Trails) .
You can find extensive information on the websites of the FFME and FFCAM (French Federation of Alpine and Mountain Clubs).

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