Fishing in the region

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, on your own or with others, on foot or in a boat, in Sarthe you will find the best conditions to practise your hobby and tease out the trout, pike, perch, carp...

Lake fishing

Located on the edge of the forest of Petite Charnie, the Moulin de l’Abbaye de Chemiré-en-Charnie lake that covers over 7 ha has in recent years become a must-visit site for fishing in the department of Sarthe.

River fishing

There's good fishing to be had in Sarthe, and no shortage of places to do it. With 4500 km of rivers, including 1500 km that rank in the top category, fishing fans are in their element here.

An "Enthusiasts' Route" is currently being organised in the Mancelles Alps. It's a spectacular natural setting that's ideal for fly fishing, facing the Toyères viewpoint. And it's a place where you release what you catch!

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