Heritage villages...

In Sarthe, cities are sacred.

Over time, Sarthe's villages have preserved their rich heritage to take the visitor back to the times of knights and the Enlightenment.

Nine "Small Cities of Character" offer your admiring gaze imposing buildings that tell the story of our ancestors, halls where the economic and festive heart of the town still beats, hemp ovens, wine houses ... These towns come alive throughout the year, especially during popular wild medieval festivals...

To the north-east of the department, Montmirail (whose original name means "admirable Mont seen from afar") dominates the Perche Hills. Built around its enchanting château , the village with its ancient streets forming concentric circles retains the memory of the historic meeting of 1169 between the kings of France and England.

The Small Cities of Character in Sarthe

In Fresnay-sur-Sarthe, gateway to the Mancelles Alps, a maze of charming narrow streets leads from the church to the ruins of the medieval château via impressive mansions and the unmissable Cave au Lion and the Headdress Museum. From there, a romantic public garden perched on the ramparts overlooks the Sarthe Valley.

On the banks of the Vègre, Asnières-sur-Vègre is a wonderful medieval village with picturesque houses and flowery streets. It has a set of classified or listed monuments: a manor from the twelfth century, an eleventh-century church with its murals, and the old bridge ... all of which have guided tours. Botanical enthusiasts can discover the conservatory orchard, Château de Moulinvieux park or the ecological Mosaic Garden .