Learn all about "Already here?"

You want to know all about our "Already here?" section, what it's for, how it works...

What's it for?

"Already here?" is the "visit" section on the website www.sarthetourisme.com.

This section is specifically for people "staying" in Sarthe or the people of Sarthe looking for things to do close to home TODAY or TOMORROW. The section is specially designed for use on tablets and smartphones.

This section will never mention accommodation because we consider that a person "already here" has "already" dealt with this issue.

How does it work?

"Already here?" is based on the current time to offer only sites which are open or opening soon. The section is also based on the geographical location of the web or mobile user and on what they're looking for to bring them the answers they want.

"Near to..." means less than 20 kilometres from the location of the user or one of the 8 major towns of Sarthe (near Le Mans, near Sablé-sur-Sarthe...).

Only tourist attractions with opening and closing times in the e-SPRIT information system are suggested, and you will not find in the "Already with us?" section mention of natural sites accessible without time constraints (forests, for example). Hiking routes are not referenced here for the same reason.