Let's take a walk in the woods

Enjoy an unforgettable experience amidst the flora, fauna and its crafts: Sarthe is the most wooded destination in the north-western quarter of France!

Woods and forests cover Sarthe's regions, beckoning walkers to lose themselves in these enchanting places where nature still makes the rules. A hundred marked trails for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders offer all manner of paths where you can meet the local fauna and flora. Discover this unspoilt nature and maybe come across deer or small game. You will fall under the spell of some stream winding through the trees or a clearing you weren't expecting. You can linger on the paths, sometimes very steep but which, without exception, will lead you to your dreams.

Le Perseigne Massif takes you from its most panoramic viewpoint, the highest point in the department, to its endless Vallée de l’Enfer (Valley of Hell).


The regional forests of Petite Charnie and Sillé-le-Guillaume look like fairytale backdrops, while the Bercé Regional Forest remains the king of the forests of Sarthe. Labelled a Forêt d’Exception®, gateway to the Loir Valley, Bercé Forest reveals its wonders, such as the Futaie des Clos plantation, over 350 years old, at whose heart reigned the Boppe oak. Or you can take a stroll to the Fontaine de la Coudre, the Sources de l’Hermitière and its ancient trees, barrels made from which are popular with winemakers.


At the edge of Bercé, Carnuta, the latest of Sarthe's Museums and an interpretation centre, tells the story of love between man and forest. In this building, covered with a remarkable wooden mantle, exhibitions follow in quick succession and the latest technologies offer you the unique opportunity to listen, see, feel, touch and tame the forest. Enjoy an unforgettable experience amidst the flora, fauna and their crafts.


In Sarthe, the forest commands your respect. As far as the gates of Le Mans, the 7 hectares of the Tépacap wooded park offer 9 tree-walking courses for adventurers of all ages and levels. There's also a "mountain" circuit that offers you the opportunity to try mountaineering in all its forms.

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