Magic of men and mysteries of the soul

In Sarthe, there are secret places and magical locations that deserve a visit ... Discover the mysteries of Sarthe.

Solesmes Abbey and the earthenware makers of Malicorne

In Solesmes, the ancient abbey welcomes pilgrims, but also curious visitors who wish to embark on a journey back in time that's full of spirituality. Gregorian chant is practised here in the purest tradition. The monks follow the pronunciation, accentuation and phrasing of the original texts to fully immerse themselves in prayer. You can attend a service in Solesmes, such as Vespers in the late afternoon. Take your soul on a true adventure.

After the mysteries of the voice, it's time for the magic of human craftsmanship. Come and explore the workshops of the two oldest earthenware makers in Malicorne: Bourg Joly and Faïenceries d'Art. During a tour or by prior arrangement, visitors can discover the secrets of Malicorne earthenware making, an art that has survived the centuries and conquered the greatest tables in the world. Learn how a small piece of clay becomes a lovely openwork fruit basket. A magic moment not to be missed, admiring the craftsmanship of men.

Sarthe and its mills...

Another great human invention is the mill and the ingenuity of its systems. These are machines that have provided food for entire generations. Sarthe is rich in mills you can visit, such as the Moulin Pousset and Moulins de Paillard. These sites are dedicated to the conservation, culture and heritage of the region. And to continue in the spirit of another time, book a night at the Grand Moulin in Chartre-sur-le-Loir. This former industrial mill houses tourists and enthusiasts on three floors who can enjoy the charm of a night along the Loir at the heart of the village.

The mills of Sarthe

The art of stained glass

The many religious buildings in Sarthe contain lots of examples of the art of stained glass. In Le Mans, at the Saint Julien Cathedral, the stained glass window of the Ascension dates from the 12th century. This is one of the city's many treasures. Rural churches too are bathed with light brought in through windows installed since the 15th century.