A poetic journey into the heart of the gardens

If you love gardens, you'll love Sarthe. Gardens combine memories, a leisurely stroll, passion and discovery. Public gardens alive with the cries of children, vegetable gardens with their amazing scents, historic gardens which awaken your imagination, city gardens offering a square of green space; each garden has its own features, its creativity and its particular journey. In a green department like Sarthe, gardens are a way of life, and many enthusiasts open their gates to take visitors on a poetic journey.

Gardens of Château du Lude

Château du Lude is open all year to visitors and walkers who can enjoy seven centuries of construction work. In this wonderful garden of eight hectares, there's a vegetable garden filled with fruit trees and rare vegetables arranged in traditional boxwood squares. Every first weekend in June, the Gardeners' Weekend at Château du Lude is an unmissable event for all garden lovers. You can stroll there, meet passionate professionals and discover many different varieties of plants.

The gardens of Sarthe

Amazing gardens

The Petit-Bordeaux Garden reminds you of Saint-Biez-en-Belin, an incredible collection of 3800 species and varieties of trees, shrubs, old roses, perennials and grasses. A "typical" English-style garden where shapes and volumes follow the cropped lawn walkways.
Offering views of the medieval village of Asnières-sur-Vègre, the Mosaic Garden consists of old roses, medicinal plants, vegetables and wild flowers, maintained using only ecological practices. A poetic and enchanting place to discover.

The "Jardin remarquable" ("Outstanding Garden") label indicates to the general public gardens whose design, plants and upkeep reach an outstanding level, whether private or public, protected or not as monuments or sites. www.parcsetjardins.fr. In Pays de la Loire, the Regional Association of Parks, Gardens and Landscapes of Pays de la Loire showcases gardens committed to a progressive approach to environmental, heritage and cultural issues. Find them at: www.jardinspaysdelaloire.fr


At Château du Lude, the Gardeners' Festival

Since its creation in 1994, the Gardeners' Festival at Lude has showcased the art of living in garden and home. A sales exhibition essentially brings together nurserymen and horticulturists, plant growers and selected collectors. Let yourself be tempted by the garden equipment and ornaments. Each event is held on the first weekend in June, offering a new theme each year.

Between Courtyards and Gardens, Le Mans hosts the festival of plants and garden art

In late September, 'secret' gardens open to the public for a weekend as part of the Between Courtyards and Gardens event. The courtyards of a number of mansions in the heart of town, in the Plantagenet City, are staged by designers, specialists and other plant lovers.

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