On the road to discovery !

Among the 1001 ways to discover a region, visiting local museums remains a must. Sarthe is famous for its "Malicorne", its Queen Bérengère, but also for the beauty of its Roman and mediaeval remains and its fauna and flora. Such are the treasures you can find in these special places.

Historic capital of earthenware, the town of Malicorne-sur-Sarthe is today home to numerous craftsmen with unique know-how, who work this special local earth. The Malicorne Espace Faïence museum traces the history of French earthenware, displaying a range of everyday and decorative objects.

A leading figure from the city of Le Mans, Queen Bérengère, wife of Richard the Lion Heart, lies in Epau Abbey, one of the last Cistercian buildings in France. A place where architectural austerity helps you meditate and lifts your spirit, and where the ochre stone reflects a wonderful light throughout the day. A cultural centrepoint, Epau Abbey hosts numerous concerts, events and conferences throughout the year.

Seeing a range of animals in their natural environment is sure to delight children who visit the Musée Vert (Green Museum). Wild boar in a wheat field, mice, squirrels and other rodents in a barn.

Finally, Le Mans's Carré Plantagenêt is dedicated to archeology and history. It combines modern architecture with its rich collections: vestiges of prehistory, from Roman times to the Middle Ages. Don't miss the view of old Le Mans from the large bay window upstairs.