Swimming and Water Sports

No need to travel miles to enjoy swimming and water sports safely, as Sarthe offers lakes with beautiful beaches and good water quality. Sarthe is also a perfect playground to discover the pleasure of sailing and water sports in general.

The famous leisure centre at Sillé-le-Guillaume

The Sillé Plage leisure centre is a leading location in Sarthe. All summer, it offers activities for children and adults, with family or friends. You can try sailing or canoeing, paddleboarding and so on in total safety with an experienced instructor...

Check out the Sillé-le-Guillaume leisure centre

Sarthe's leisure centres...

The Gémerie in Arnage, the Monnerie in La Flèche, Mansigné, Marçon, La Ferté-Bernard, Domaine du Houssay in Spay...

Leisure centres in Sarthe

Free and accessible to everyone, the Ferté Bernard leisure centre features a beach club with a reading corner, a climbing wall and, best of all, a varied "beach entertainment" programme for young and old. Numerous activities such as sailing, catamaran sailing and canoeing are available for the more sporting among us. A fishing area has also been specially set up.

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