Unusual places full of charm

No need to chase around the world in search of great experiences. A stay at the Ferme aux Histoires, living with wolves and bears at Zoo de La Flèche, discovering glamping at Château de Chanteloup ... Everyone can find the experience they're looking for!

Safari lodge atmosphere

If seeing the animals isn't enough, you can also live with them ... Such is the concept behind the Safari Lodges at Zoo de la Flèche!
Staying in very comfortable lodges, visitors can gaze through the large windows at polar bears, wolves, lemurs, tigers, etc ... Thrills and memories guaranteed.
In 2016, 4 new lodges were opened. Their theme is Indonesia, with gibbons, panthers and tigers.
Find out more about the Safari Lodges at Zoo de La Flèche

A farm with a story to tell...?

If you're heavily into your reading, treat yourself to a weekend at the Ferme aux Histoires. The owners offer, in addition to their guest rooms, a space dedicated to children's books, a tea room, a secondhand book store and a paper-making workshop ...

If the "stable of the green mare", the "Roule Galette bread oven" or the "Five Club Caravan" are evocative room names for you, then the Ferme aux Histoires awaits...

All you need to know about the Ferme aux Histoires

Is glamping more your scene? At Château de Chanteloup, that's what's on offer - the experience of glamorous camping. In the château grounds, guests stay in comfortable, eco-chic tents, straight from a safari or the film Out of Africa.

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