The La Flèche zoothe Pescheray zoo or Spaycific'Zoo: the zoological parks in la Sarthe are home to animals from around the world!

Polar bears, elephants, giraffes, lions, pelicans… wild animals all waiting to meet families and friends in the zoos and safari parks each with their own specific advantages: The la Flèche zoo, made famous in the “Une saison au Zoo” TV series (broadcast on France 4) which follows the animal carers as they go about their daily tasks, is the largest zoo with 1,500 species, its daily show of sea lions, parrots and macaws, white wolves and white tigers. For its part the Spaycific'Zoo, hosts the largest African aviary in France. Visitors can walk through it and can also feed birds in the Australian aviary whilst focussing on the educational aspect for young children. Whereas the Domaine de Pescheray presents European animals in a vast wooded area of several hectares, with wolves and brown bears wandering around in semi-freedom!