The zoos of Sarthe

La Flèche Zoo, Pescheray Zoo and Spaycific Zoo - three zoos full of animals in Sarthe where you can discover species from around the world!

La Flèche Zoo

Polar bears, elephants, giraffes and big cats each have their own environment at La Flèche Zoo! Laid out over several hectares where thrilled visitors can watch, through transparent partitions, daily shows featuring sea lions, parrots and birds of prey - great experiences to enjoy with family or friends. It's worth booking a full day to see all 1500 species on show to the public.

Since 2014, La Flèche Zoo has been hosting the famous documentary series "A season at the Zoo" broadcast on France 4; a great success, the different seasons let you see the daily life of the team of vets and keepers at the zoo!

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Spaycific'Zoo / Zoodefis

This family outing will bring you face to face with rare and amazing species like the armadillo, dingo, snail turtle and mongoose. It's also an opportunity to feature in the credits of "The Lion King" by passing through the largest African aviary in France where pelicans, marabou, cormorants and ibis move around freely. What a way to rekindle a little nostalgia and amaze your children! The zoo is particularly suitable for children of all ages in terms of viewing points, enclosure design and educational games; they allow children to have fun and get to know the animals better. The Australian aviary is also worth visiting, with the opportunity to give seeds to canaries of every colour which come and perch on you, without a care in the world.

Spaycific'Zoo also contains Zoodefis, a unique new and original concept for everyone. Awaken your 5 senses, compare yourself to the animals and understand more about disabilities through this fun challenge with family or friends!


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The Pescheray Estate

In Pescheray Zoo Park, the wildlife of Europe takes centre stage, including a pack of wolves that roams semi-free, as well as lynx and brown bears. A small farm is accessible to all, with its goats, pigs, sheep and ponies to delight all children.


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